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Welcome to the home of the Butterfly loom

Learn our easy Wrap & Knot technique to make wonderful projects using the Butterfly Loom hand weaving tool.


No knitting or crocheting knowledge needed, by following our fully detailed instruction booklet or CD you will quickly be able to created bags, cushion covers, scarves, ponchos and throws all by wrapping and knotting.

Our range of patterns cover different finishing techniques which include pom-poms and daisy patterns, all done on the Butterfly Loom.  By learning the basic techniques you can  use these skills to make your own designs, letting your creativity run wild.

The Butterfly Looms are easy to use and require no knitting or crochet experience making it ideal for all ages.


Throughout the range we use our coloured butterflies to easily identify which loom you need to make the various projects we feature.

About the Butterfly Loom

The trademark for the Butterfly Looms is now  based in the UK. They were originally devised and patented by Carolyn Jenner in Australia and have been very popular in the USA and Australia and are on sale in our shop and via EBay.

When we first bought the company from Carolyn back in 2013 the looms were made in China.  One of our main objectives was to have the looms made in the UK and now we have all of the looms cut and assembled here in the West Country.  We have to import the screws, hinges and bolts but are continually looking for UK manufacturers who will work with our small quantities, so if you know of any we would like to talk to them!  The looms are boxed in packaging designed by GWP here in Swindon and all our labels and printing is done here in the UK. 

'We' by the way, are sisters Pat & Mandy and once we have collected the cut looms we sit and put them together, box them and despatch to our lovely customers.

Small Loom

Medium Loom

Magic Loom

Large Loom

The Butterfly Loom is cut and assembled in Britain

Set of four

**NOTE**We are now looking for Butterfly Loom stockists and distributors in the UK and Europe, so if you are interested please email for our information pack.

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