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Poncho Pattern

Poncho on the Large Butterfly Loom

Loom used



Drops Alaska Alpaca aran weight in the following:

Grey Mix - approx. 150g    

Light Grey Mix - approx. 250g

Off White - approx. 30g     

Orange - approx. 10g


Darning needle                    

Lucet or weaving sticks to make i-cord

Size - Makes a large poncho, width approx. 80cm length approx. 80cm


Follow Basic Wrapping and Knotting Instructions in the tutorials section.


Make 5 light grey and 3 dark grey motifs by wrapping each loom twice and using a combination of ladder and daisy knotting techniques.


Layout as follows, right side showing: 

Tie on different coloured threads to keep track

Using the Butterfly Twist technique:

Join 1, 2 and 3 together

Join 4, 5, 6 and 7 together

Join the back to the front following the diagrams (A to A, B to B etc). 

Join 8 to 5 & 6.

Edge all around using the Butterfly Braid technique

Thread a darning needle with 2 lengths of orange and one length of off white.  Starting on the wrong side at one corner thread through the Butterfly Braid to create a decorative border. End on the wrong side and tie off.

Make approx. 180cm of i-cord using the off white.  Thread i-cord around the neckline through the Butterfly Braid.

Make two motifs on the Baby Butterfly Loom, wrapping once using all of the colours, attach to the ends of the i-cord.

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