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Acorns & Diamonds Bag

Squares set on the diagonal give this bag a different look

Amber Dickie

I wondered where we got the word dickie bow from - originally a dickie was a false shirt front, these days it is also used for the name of a short scarf.

Daisy Tote
A big roomy bag, great for carrying around your loom and wool
Boudoir Cushion
Squidgy, squishy, super soft and sexy (if a pillow can be sexy!)
Pom Pom Cushion
Pom Poms! What's not to love!
Troon Mini-shopper

Handy bag for casual day time use.   Use Aran to make this a strong yet lightweight carrier.


Contrasting colours give this poncho interest - but it is so easy to do!

Fringed Shawl

If you enjoy crochet, the motifs on this shawl are crocheted together

Collar & Cuffs

Jazz up a plain coat or jumper with this collar and cuff combination

Victorian Christmas Scarf

Lovely colourful scarf made with only 13 motifs

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