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Joining Squares

There are a number of ways to join your squares.  You can use crochet or knitting; don't knit or crochet - just twist together!

Slip stitch

Joining 1 - Slip Stitch 


i. Place 2 finished squares together, wrong sides facing each other, and hold the 2 sets of loops on the left, with your left hand, and flick the 2 squares open.

ii. Slipstitch from knot to knot down the 4 knots, and fasten off. Add squares in this manner until you have the desired length of your project.

iii. When you turn your work over you will have a set of loops on the front of the squares.

Slip stitch on the Butterfly Loom

Diagram 4a

Diagram 4b

Diagram 4c

Joining 2  -  Crochet


How to crochet very much depends on the type of yarn and size of loom you are using.  This example is for a Magic Butterfly Loom using double knit and a 5mm hook.

With your choice of yarn and crochet hook, 3 trbl into each loop around the square, and when you reach the corners, 3trbl, 1ch, 3 trbl into each corner. When each square has been crocheted around, slip stitch the square together. Once you have done one row of crochet, you can use any crochet stitch you want and join together.

Joining 3  -  Butterfly Braid

Butterfly Braid
i. Take an appropriate size crochet hook and insert it into the bottom loop on the square.

ii. With crochet hook still in the bottom loop, insert crochet hook into the next loop above, loop 2. Diagram 5b


iii. Pull that loop through the loop already on your hook.


iv. Insert crochet hook into next loop, loop 3. Diagram 5d

v. Pull that loop through the loop already on your crochet hook.

vi. Continue in this manner all around motif. Diagram 5f


vii. Secure the last loop - see finishing

viii. Place the finished squares side by side, with wrong sides facing up, and stitch the squares together knot to knot, and when you turn the squares to the right side, a lovely braid appears.

Butterfly Braid on the Buttefly Loom

Diagram 5a

Diagram 5d

Diagram 5b

Diagram 5e

Diagram 5c

Diagram 5f

Joining 4  -  Butterfly Twist

Butterfly Twist

i. Lay the square on a flat surface, and using any size crochet hook, start at one side, (bottom loops) and put the crochet hook through the loop on the right hand side and through the loop on the left hand side.

 ii. Pull the loop on the left hand side through the loop on the right hand side.

iii. Twist the crochet hook up and through the second set of loops on the right hand side, and then through the 2nd set of loops on the left hand side
and pull the left hand side loops through the right side loops.

 iv. Continue in this manner alternating from side to side until you have pulled through each loop, ending with the last loop on your crochet hook and fasten it off to secure it to the reverse of your square

Buttefly Twist on the Buterfly Loom

Diagram 6a

Diagram 6b

Diagram 6c

Diagram 6d

Double Butterfly Twist

Joining 5  -  Double Butterfly Twist

i. Put the squares wrong sides together


ii. Starting at one corner put your crochet hook through the loops of both squares Diagram 7C

iii. Put the hook through the second pair of loops Diagram 7d

iv. Draw the second loops through the first, leaving the second pair of loops on the hook Diagram 7e

v. Continue to end.

Double Buterfy Twst on the Butterfly Loom

Diagram 7a

Diagram 7b

Diagram 7c

Diagram 7d

Diagram 7e

Diagram 7f

Diagram 7g



If you are making an item where the bottom of the join is going to be onto another set of motifs, thread a piece of contrasting wool through the end loop to stop it unravelling and for easy identification.


If you want to end your row or complete your Butterfly Braid:

i.              Thread a darning needle with a short length of yarn

ii.             Pull the thread through the back of the adjacent knot to the end loop and knot it

iii.            Pass the needle through the last loop and fold it towards the knot you have just made

iv.            Create a knot to secure and cut excess yarn

Finishing on the Butterfly oom

Diagram 8a

Diagram 8b

Diagram 8c

Diagram 8d

Diagram 8e

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