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Fringed Shawl

Fringed shawl

Loom Used



Any yarn of your choice.  Use contrasting colours for the edge and around the motifs
Follow basic Wrapping & Knotting instructions in the tutorial section.
Make 20 squares. 

With contrast yarn, beginning at any set of loops, 1 dc into group of loops, 4 chain. Continue in this manner until you reach the corner set of loops and then 1 dc 3 chain 1dc into corner set of loops. Continue in this manner until you have crochet all around the outside of the Loomed squares.
If you find the square does not sit flat, either add or decrease the chain in between each set of loops. (Except for the corners) 

To join the squares, place 2 squares right sides together. 1 dc into the corner of the back and front squares, 4 dc over the 4 chain, and continue in this way until the squares are connected. 

For the edging around the Shawl, 3 tbl over each set of chains, and then for the corners 3 tbl, 3 chain, 3 tbl.
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