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Small Loom Scarf


Loom Used

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100g Home Farm Wensleydales DK in natural

Approx 50g contrast for knotting 



Following the instructions in your Instruction Booklet.

Wrap your loom 3 rows using the X stictch technique in your contrasting colour.

Make as many as the wool allows, leaving a small amount for sewing together. I made 20

To make up the scarf -

Thread your darning needle with the main colour


Put two squares back to back and holding the loops on one side, flip open to see the underside. Starting at the top  and pass your needle underthe first knot on each sqaure and pull them together.  Work down the two squares goign from knot to knot, on alternate squares until you reach the bottom, secure off.

Continue joining the squares until you have one continuous line.


Watch the video here or see picture instructions here


Works well with all wool weights, this gives you a lightweight scarft, still warm because it is in wool, chunky works well and gives a heavier scarf - see here for other versions.


To buy the Small Butterfly Loom please click here




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