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Rectangle Poncho 

Poncho ButterflyLoom

Looms used


Small (optional)


400g Hayfield Bonus Aran (peppermint) 

50g Deramores Studio DK (Frost)


Lucet or weaving sticks to make i-cord

Size - Makes a small poncho, width approx. 65cm length approx. 65cm


Follow Basic Wrapping and Knotting in the Instruction Booklet.


Using Ladder and Daisy technique make 12 rectangles by wrapping each loom 6 times*


I have joined this poncho using the Butterfly Twist technique, but I did it slightly differently.  I split the loops on each side in two and using the same technique I twisted the rectangles together.  In effect you are turning each loop in to a top & bottom, twisting bottom to bottom then top to top through each set of loops, this gives a smoother join. 

Join the 5 together first, then start joining the single rectangle 2 knots down on the second rectangle, if you join the 4 equally (as you would normally) it makes the neck too small.  Whilst joining make sure the ends stay in line, you might need to go into a loop twice or miss a loop without it making any difference to the finish(I am making a video to show this).


*my poncho came out quite thick, this poncho would also work if you wrapped 5 times which would also mean you could make it using just the Aran if you did not want to use a contrast.

Make two sides following the pattern above.

Join A to A and B to B to complete your poncho.


To Finish

Use the Butterfly Braid technique around the bottom and neckline

I used a lucet to make an i-cord approximately 80cm

On the Baby Butterfly Loom make 2 flowers using both colours and wrapping twice.  Thread the i-cord through the neck and attach the flowers to the ends.  If you do not have a lucet or weaving sticks, make by simply plaiting the yarn or use ribbon.


If you want to make a large poncho, use the same pattern adding one to A & one to B each time

The Butterfly Loom and accessories are available from our online shop here

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