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  • Mandy Whitfield

Learning to Crochet

Many of the blankets made by Carolyn are finished off by crocheting the squares together, so I thought it was about time I learned to crochet.

I hope you can see the improvement, left is my first attempt and right is week 3, once you understand what you are doing it does get easier. The stitches are easy enough but counting and understanding how the stitches work together is the tricky bit - but I think I am getting there.

I am going to make a small baby blanket using Deramores Studio DK and the medium Butterfly Loom.

I have made 6 squares using the frost colour, wrapping the loom 6 rows. I have knotted around the outside only and pulled all of the central intersections into one large daisy.

The crocheting will start in a few weeks so I will keep posting my progress.

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