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  • Mandy Whitfield

Winter Wonderland? Bah Humbug!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Well January is over and I'm not impressed with 2021 so far! The weather is dreary, the mood is one of frustration, I'm sitting listening to a compilation of orchestral tunes played by Henry Mancini. Melancholia has well and truly set in... sort of happy in my unhappiness.

Christmas was of course curtailed this year, a quick visit to the family 100 miles each way there and back in one day. The visit to my family consisted of standing in my sister's, then my niece's front garden in order to say hello and exchange presents. Not a great one for any of us and of course some folk are missing their loved ones for ever, so, chin up!

Over the holidays I made a quick scarf using Home Farm Wensleydales DK. 100g wrapped 3 rows I got 15 squares knotting with a contasting colour , slip stitched together and voila, a simple warm scarf. Mine is just long enough to loop through to make a really snuggly short scarf. This wool, as with all natural wool, can be a bit itchy, but it is so warm, it is ideal of a lightweight scarf. If natural wool is not for you, this can of course be made in an acrylic, try Wool Warehouse, they have a wonderful selection, like Scheepjes Colour Crafter which has a mahoosive 94 colours!

Listening to Bowie now - Drive in Saturday, Oh You Pretty Things Rebel Rebel, Kooks.. and the vacine is being rolled out - ahh that's better!

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