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  • Mandy Whitfield

Devonshire lockdown

During the break between the lockdowns we managed a few days in Devon. We were at a little village called Bradworthy on the Devon/Cornwall border, just by Bude. Social distancing was not a problem - it took about 15 minutes by car to reach the nearest main road and we were a further 5 minutes drive from the village.

We had a lovely blustry walk along the breakwater in Bude, all matted hair, seaspray and snot. Then along the headland all cold and invogorating!

Another more sedate day took us to Padstow, which is a lovely little fishing port on a huge esturary. The town is full of gorgeousy shops, idea for a potter around in different times, but I did nip into a little shop selling hand made glass by renowned artist Jo Downs there is a competition running on her website at the moment to win some wonderful glass decorations!

Trying to avoid the bustle of the harbour area we skooted around along the front and came across a craft fair. Lots of seascapes, in lots of different styles,which I liked but it has to be the right one and I didn't find one that hit the spot. I did pick up a few handmade dishcloths, my mum used to make these out of old teatowels (and sometimes my dad's old vests!) These by Dawn Wilson are much more stylish - mine had puffins on.

I cannot finish without mentioning the Farmers Arms Woolsery (Woolfardisworthy). As a non-meat eater, eating out is more often than not a rather boring, one choice affair. Two choices on this menu, but both for things I detest - butternut and sweet potato, mushy yuk! They had a salad so, I thought go for the best of a bad choice and go home hungry - what as suprise the salad was delicious - yes you read correctly THE SALAD WAS DELICIOUS!!! Goats cheese, fresh mixed leaves, small pieces of pineapple, beetroot and walnuts (which I normally pick out - not this time) and a light mustard viniagrette. I must admit I had a basket of chips on the side (on holiday remember). A simple dish put together perfectly and no, I didn't go home hungry - well we did share the banana butterscotch pudding to finish. My partner had fish & chips - best he had every had, says he. A bit out of the way, as everywhere in that slightly inland area is, but well worth the visit.

Other than wearing a mask and avoiding crowds (which we managed to do) a perfect few days ,a bit of rain, a bit of sun, a bit of shopping and a bit of good food - seems ok to me.

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