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  • Mandy Whitfield

Postal charges - how to save money on your loom purchase

Postal charges to the USA (by the USA) have been increased to such an extent that sending parcels means a loss to me or an extorionate charge to the customer.

In order to sell to the USA I have now cancelled my listings in and now only list on Ebay This means any orders placed on Ebay are now only charged the value of the internal UK postage, depending on the size loom this ranges from £3 to £6 per parcel - to send via post is around £18 and via courier £27.00

For me, the best place to place an order is via my website and if ordering from the UK this is still the best place to go (please 💖). But if ordering around the world you get a better rate ordering through Ebay, for me of course, this means more charges but a smaller loss compared with the high rate of postage charged by USPS you would have to pay.

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