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  • Mandy Whitfield

Butterfly Effect

As you go around the crafty events, you start to see some familiar faces, by coincidence one of the people I occasionally bump into is Lin who also has a butterfly themed business ‘Butterfly Hair’. So we have decided to cross sell our products when possible.

Butterfly Hair

The African Butterfly Clips are Fairtrade and made by women in the Gauteng region of South Africa. The company provides employment, skills, training and sustainable work for many people in a region with high levels of poverty and unemployment. Sales of the clips help people to achieve a better way of life for themselves and their families.

Bead workers of Gauteng South Africa

Each clip is individually hand beaded to a very high standard and it is because of the quality of the workmanship and materials that there is a one-year guarantee on every African Butterfly clip. Patent rights are held throughout the world for the hair clips to help protect the families of those who make them.

African Butterfly Clips

So whether you want a Butterfly Loom or a Butterfly Hairclip, take a look at my shop!

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