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For Mum...

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Don Street Consiborough circa 1928

This is my mum as a little girl (left in picture) with her pal, taken in one of their gardens in Don Street Conisbrough, they must be about 5 years old?

Mum & Dad met in Egypt, both were serving in the RAF during WWII, stationed at El Gedida. She was confined to camp because she had had her handbag stolen, so had gone to watch a film with a friend. As they walked back to their tent (the women slept in huge communal tents) they found Dad drunk in the gutter! They picked him up and took him to his billet. The next morning one of his pals told him mum had rescued him - and the rest is history.

St Michaels & All Angels Heliopolis 22nd Dec 1945

After the war they came back home and settled in Dad's hometown Lichfield.

Mum & Dad had 8 children and the door was always open to all of our friends. As grandchildren came along they were both busy, baby sitting, jam making, baking and cooking meals for the freezer for anyone who needed them. And oh boy, could my mum knit!

a small sherry

They still had time for a few small sherries - those titchy glasses are fooling no-one!

They revelled in family life, hard at times; we were not the most orderly family and we have had our fair share of scrapes over the years, but nothing serious.

It is hard to think of mum without dad, indeed when he died in 2010 she had a stroke in the same year and never fully recovered, dying herself in 2012, 4 months before her 90th birthday.

So again this Mother's Day I will have a small sherry and not be thankful for my mum but for my mum and Dad, and remember this wonderful couple who worked tirelessly for their family.

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