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Pom Pom Cushion

We have recently decorated our living room, it is mainly white and pale blue. We thought it needed something a bit warmer and wanted to add elements of deep red. We bought a couple of Kallax units from Ikea, lay them on their side with the idea of making a bench out of them. With lockdown I have not been able to get out and choose material for the seat pad, but what I have been able to do is make a few cushions to sit on it. I made two blue rectangle cushions using remnant fabric from Laura Ashley (always good for a rummage!) and one small cushion which I knitted. The knitted one came out all wrong, the pattern changes at least 3 times (unintentionally) and when I took the work off the needle it was massive - so a quick turn in the washing machine and hey presto, a rather nice felted cushion. I also have a WIP on my Rigid Heddle Loom, some wool I bought from Demelza's Delights called Ross Poldark (who could resists!) - Demelza's Delights are based in Cornwall and is named after Rachel's daughter. My RH loom piece is only 8 inches across so I am hoping for a 4 square patchwork when I get it off the loom.

Ross 1 or Ross 2, should be part of the eye test

So to my pom-pom cushion; made on the Large Butterfly Loom and using Cascade Auburn Heather. This is an aran weight and has 200 metre per roll. Previously I had used Drops Alaska which has 140m per roll so I was interested to see how this came out. Instead of wrapping 9 rows per the pattern I wrapped 22, such was the difference in the thickness of the wool. The easiest way to think about this is 200g each side; leave aside 50g each for the knotting and then wrap as many rows as will fit on the loom (the space between each prong should be nice and full). I used blue for the knotting on the back which I did using the cross stitch technique. As always, I did the cutting VERY carefully (remembering not to cut the outer edge) and brushed each pom-pom individually so as to not make pulls.

Full instructions for the pom-pom cushion are on the website. A contrasting cushion can look good but on this occasion I wanted the blue of the x stitch to stand out and used a wine coloured covered cushion.

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