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  • Mandy Whitfield

The Season of Mists & Mellow Fruitfulness

Most people you talk to no doubt long for lazy summer days... for me they are always filled with even hotter flushes and hayfever - give me Autumn anyday!

From my point of view there is nothing nicer than taking a walk in that sunny cold snap you get end of September into October. Ok, it's not quite that today as I sit typing this, the more likely 'grey day' that plagues the UK, not raining, but grey clouds above, miserably doing nothing. But last week we did have one of those cold sunny walks, just round the block, which takes in a little copse where there was an abundance of fruit and acorns about. So I picked up some acorns and then thought they would make a great addition to my Acorns & Diamonds bag.

Tried crocheting some, but I am rubbish so I asked my friend Deana to make me some and I must say she ain't done a bad job!

While going through my photos I came across this one which I took around the same time last year in Leomansley Woods in Lichfield - quite good for me!

Lichfield is where my family mostly live - because of the current restrictions I cannot visit so have to be content with looking at photos of better times -soon to return hopefully!

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